Friday, October 8, 2010

Rachel LCJ said...

Dear God,

You know I have searched for you for many years and finally found my home within you. You know that I have prayed for many years that you would send me a partner, and then you did in the most serendipitious way, which I knew without a doubt that you were in control. Everyone told me that when I met the one I would know, but not only that, he would be greater than anything I ever could imagine. You know every detail of my being, all my thoughts and all the desires of my heart. I felt so blessed, and not only that, this person brought me even closer to you. The coincidences from our pasts, the similarities of our hopes and dreams are astonishing. Yet, only shortly lived.

One day while I was praying to you in and weeping with hurt, as I could not understand why you would change this person's heart so suddenly, I felt you speak to my heart and I felt the electric, warm comforting presence of you and you said "it is my Will for you two to be together, but it will be in my time". As you know, we have remained friends, but months upon months have passed and nothing has changed, infact I feel our friendship is even dwindling now. I ask you over and over again, is he the one, and you say yes, but perhaps I am willing these words into my mind. God, please help me to discern the truth. Please speak to me, as unrequited love is unbearable, and I am getting older, and my time is running out to have a family. I don't understand why you keep me single, but I know there must be a reason. What do you want from me? Should I walk away, what should I do. Please make your message loud and clear to me God. Thank you. I love you God. Amen.

Answer from God through Carley:

"My will is always your will.  My plan for each being is for you to do what brings you true joy.  My gift is free will and I will not interfere with it.  He could be the one for you, however he has to want it too.  I am not the one responsible for changing anyone's heart. I will tell you that there is more than one possibility for you.  There is more than one possibility for everyone.  I also do not keep you single.  I do know you as well as you say I do, and yet you ask for only one thing.  If you ask for love I will provide it for you, but you must then seek it.  If you continue to wait for him, or if you walk away it is your choice to make.  I want very much to help you but you must also want to help yourself."

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