Sunday, November 21, 2010

Anonymous said...

God, I have alot of questions to ask you. Like, where are you for those starving children in Africa? I'm sure they pray as hard as we do. They breathe, they play.. they eat. As much as they can of course, but... do you love them? Do you care about them? Why must they suffer while others spoil about in their self proclaimed righteousness, and then praise you?

Why did you make us, and then punish for being what you made us? Why do you claim we must do our part when we often do, but you never deliver? It seems like a lazy way to say do it yourself. I've come to think that you don't exist. Or maybe you just don't want to help us, anymore. If that's the case I sincerely think you're not praise worthy. If you can't understand that and punish me for it, then I was right about you not being praise worthy.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I wonder if you would consider that there might be a bigger plan than the one you can see.  I understand how it could look from your vantage point about how people suffer, but I wonder if you might consider that each being is seeking a state of total understanding.  Total understanding means to know how all conditions feel, conditions of abundance as well as conditions of lack and every other possible condition.  Before every being comes into a body they enter into an agreement with me regarding what they will experience, again with the purpose being eventual total understanding.  Some perspectives are learned very easily and can be learned from the vantage point of bystander.  Not every soul learns easily and some lessons must be taught over and over until a level of understanding can be achieved.  I do not punish nor do I require praise, but in all conditions there is beauty.  Are you willing to seek the beauty or are you only willing to seek the suffering?  With free will you can choose either.  If ever you think I might be able to help you, I'm just a thought away."

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