Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jack said...


is it against your rules to watch pornography videos? I am 16 and seem to be addicted to it and can't stop. I just want to know if I will go to hell if I continue to do this.

Answer from God through Carley:

"With the exception of loving one another and not judging, I don't have rules for you and there is no such place as hell, no matter what you've been taught or told.  Whether or not you choose to view pornography is up to you of course, but you may want to ask yourself some questions about your choices.  Are you hurting anyone, when you partake are you avoiding anything or anyone, when you partake are you neglecting anything or anyone.  If any of the answers of these questions are yes, then you have to decide if your choices are really in your own best interests.  Only you can make your choices for you.  If you have something to face, you never have to face it alone.  I will always be as close to you as your beating heart and if you ask for my help you will always have it."

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