Sunday, December 26, 2010

Anne said...

I'm torn. Of course, its with love..see, I am in love with my five year long best friend and I have a crush on one of my new friends and he has a crush on me to. The problem is that 1. The best friend goes through girls like water, 2. I want us to be together but so many forces are against us, 3. I'm not even really sure I would like to be together with my new friend, 4. I've only dated one other person in my life and I was hurt so bad from it that I became afraid to try again. So, I guess i'm just asking for guidance. Please answer me..

Answer from God through Carley:

"Remember what it's like to try to find the perfect outfit for a special occasion?  Sometimes the outfits you see on the hanger don't look nearly as good as you thought they would, and yet other outfits you thought would never do, can actually be exactly what you were looking for.  Dating can be that way too.  Sometimes you need to try someone on to see if the fit is good, but you don't need to settle for someone you already know.  Find a passion of yours and then find others who share your passion.  Take a class or join a group of people who gather doing what you love to too.  The best relationships can be formed around sharing even a single thing that gives you both true joy.  In your search, please don't give up anything that's important to you in order to be with another.  If it feels right, try it on.  If it feels wrong, keep looking. Don't be afraid to be hurt again.  While no one enjoys an aching heart, I think that most would agree that trying to love and failing at first is better than never trying to love at all.  If you'd like my help in finding the right one for you, all you need to do is ask for it and then move your feet in the direction of what gives you true joy and pay attention to all the little things that come your way."

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