Monday, December 6, 2010

G. A. said...

Dear God, my question to you is one I have been asking for almost two years now. I want to know if it is possible to win my ex wife back and what it is that I should do to do this succesfully? As you know she is not communicating with me and has all but eliminated anyway for me to reach her almost since the day she left. I don't want to add details that would make it easy for a human to answer this question, but since you know me and my situation I want an answer from you that proves you are truly answering me. Please God, I love this woman with all my heart and want to renconcile and be given another chance. I will do whatever it is that you ask of me. Thanks

Answer from God through Carley:

"You cannot control the free will of another, just as no one but you controls your words and actions.  I have heard your question and I have answered it, but mine has not the been the answer you seek and you have chosen not to hear me.  In your next relationship, decide to make different mistakes.  The only moment you have in your control is the one you are in.  The past cannot be undone.  Move forward with a clear idea of what you would create for yourself in the future and if you are not yet the perfect partner for your next perfect partner, make changes.  When you ask for my help you get it. Whether you hear me or not, is always up to you."

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