Monday, December 14, 2009

Joel said...

why is life so hard? what is the purpose of me in this world? I'm in pain and always afraid. Grant me strength, patience and understanding to continue with the journey of my life and to accept the cross I have to bear.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Do not judge your life based upon what you can see in the lives of others. Remember that what others can see in your life is not all there is. What would you like your purpose to be? What gives you true joy in this life? When you find and then dedicate time to what gives you true joy, everything else that you worry about will fall into its rightful place.

You will always be able to find those that appear to have a better life than yours. But again, remember that you are not getting the full picture just based upon what you can see. Find your joy. Ask for my help with everything else in your life that feels like a struggle, and move in some way toward what you want. I'm always right here as close to you as your thoughts."

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