Sunday, December 12, 2010

shera said...

have been noticing you more lately.

I wanted to ask if I should attempt to become more fully evolved by focusing primarily on my spirituality OR If I should continue the slow process of developing spiritually while focusing on my dream? If I focus on my spirituality more I think I may move away from the city.

The other thing is, my dream to be a singer has become less appealing now that I have realized the joys of being more spiritual. I feel a bit confused but happier than before.

Thank you for bringing me to a place of healing and for this wonderful existence.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Following your dreams will give you true joy.  In joy, your spirituality will evolve in ways you cannot currently imagine.  When you allow your true nature to emerge, all that you seek will simply come.  All of your choices matter in your personal evolution: where you live, with whom you spend time, how you choose to see the events of the day. Choose wisely after first seeking the advice of your heart.  When you speak to me I always listen."

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