Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anonymous said...

Hi I have been wanting a baby for 12 years. I have never been pregnant at all. My fertility has caused the most stress in my life. There is nothing more want from god and life but to be fruitful and multiply. I mean that literally. I want to know If and When will i become pregnant? Please and Thank You



Answer from God through Carley:

"What if your agreement with me is that you are not to become pregnant in this life?  Where else could you put your heart's desires? Determine what it is about wanting to have your own children that captures your heart most and see if there is another area where you could direct that desire.  There are many children that have no parents and their biggest desire is to be adopted into a family.  There are many centers, shelters, schools filled with children who need love, direction and stability.  If ever you get ready to find a new heart's desire, ask me for help and begin moving toward what you think might capture your heart most.  I'm right here to help you every time you ask."

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