Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Anonymous said...

I had to break up with my long term and first boyfriend. It ended because he just couldn't give up his bad habits and chose to lie to me about hanging out with a bad friend. I still really love him and I had hoped he would keep his promise to become the person he can. I asked you for strength, help, support, forgiveness, and for you to help him through his bad times. He has not tried to talk to me at all today. Am i not worth it? Am I not worth the one I love?

I would at least like to know that. and if we will ever make it through this rough patch and how long i should wait before giving up hope completelty.

Answer from God through Carley:

"In your next relationship, try to love the person as they are, with no changes needed in order for you to want to be with them, and continue to be with them.  You cannot control the free will of another and trying to do so will never work out.  If a person is to change it can only be their idea to do so and all the energy it takes to make a lasting change must come from them."

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