Thursday, January 27, 2011

Anonymous said...

what should i do now...? i am scared... i think i lost my mind...

Answer from God through Carley:

"Breathe first.  Deeply, slowly, until you can get no more breath in.  Slowly exhale that breath, noticing how your body moves, how your breath sounds, how much more calm you feel.  As you take more breaths like that, imagine that your feet have lovely roots deep into the soil of the earth below you.  Feel those roots connect you to all life.  Picture the column of light that connects me to you from far above you through the top of your head, way down past you deep into the earth.  Imagine that this column of light is pure and white and then imagine it even wider than your body.

You have not lost your mind.  It would help you to practice breathing like this when you feel lost, or even better before you do.  A practice of centering, or allowing me in is a good practice that will keep us connected.  I'm very glad you asked.  Talk with me whenever you'd like."

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