Thursday, February 10, 2011

Patrick said...

I am to ugly to have a girlfriend. I live in Sweden, the most atheist country in the world. God, should I commit suicide?


Answer from God through Carley:

"You are a spectacular, precious child of mine and I love you completely.  I hear every word you direct to me and you are never alone, except when you choose to be.  As for your physical outlook, this is what you chose for yourself in this life, to better help yourself to understand all things.  Try to remember the lifetime when you were exquisitely beautiful and in remembering, understand better how you viewed the world and how the world viewed you.  You have before you limitless choices.  You could choose to reach out to others who have also chosen to not be outwardly beautiful in this lifetime.  You could choose to show the world how incredibly beautiful you are on the inside in some very creative way and at the very end of your list of choices could be suicide.  Regardless of what you choose for yourself I will continue to love you as much as I do now and have forever."

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