Sunday, March 6, 2011

Anonymous said...

I have deep feelings for a man I met about 8 months ago. He changed my life through hope & encouragement - he brings out the best in me (each other, really) We have been intimate in the past, but have only been friends since then. I truly love him and have searched my soul to make sure it is not simply a misplaced admiration. I can see us together as life-partners. He is a free spirit with a deep Christian faith and I adore him. His actions tell me he has strong feelings for me, but he is guarded and holds back on his emotions. When we see each other, it's like we "know" but are scared to take the next step for fear of losing our friendship. Is this man my soulmate? my life partner? or should I make peace with the way things are & appreciate it for what it is?

Answer from God through Carley:

"He could be a soulmate, but the timing has to be right for both of you in order for it to work.  I gave you each a voice.  Don't allow your fear to keep you from using it.  Prepare for this conversation and find someplace safe and comfortable and where you are unlikely to be interrupted.  Tell him how you feel.  If you need courage, ask me for help.  Ask him how he feels and allow him to speak without interrupting him.  Listen with your heart and accept whatever answer there is."

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