Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

I love a man. He is the only man i have ever loved and who i will ever love. And he could not love me back. He tried and he couldn't.

I have tried my hardest to move on and I have not been able to. Will i spend my life pining for him? Will he ever come back to me, when the timing is right? Should i wait for him? Or just marry whoever else comes along, because really, if its not him, it might as well be anyone else?

My life seems terribly pointless without him.

Answer from God through Carley:

"You could spend your life wishing that he loved you back, but if that is your choice I fear that there will be so much that will pass you by.  I wish for each of you, great love.  That great love can come in many possible forms.  You can love a man or a woman and that can be your great love, or you can love a child and know that kind of great love.  Perhaps your great love will be an animal or a place or a thing to do. Those who get to have multiple great loves in a single lifetime are the ones that know what it is to be happy, to pay attention to the moments they are in when they are in them, to say what's on their hearts when there is something to say, and when to leave a situation with it isn't what they want for themselves. I wish great love for you, but only you can make it so."

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