Friday, March 18, 2011

Anonymous said...

My duaghter's fiance is pulling away from her as the date of their wedding approaches. His family background is troubled. He is not a bad person, but is not ready for marraige. I don't believe he is right for her. I had been supportive, thinking that he made her happy. They were together for many years. She loved him so much. Recently I saw him say hurtful things to her and break her heart yet She still wants him!

Please help her find the strength to get through this, let her see that he is not the right man for her. Let her come out of this with good self esteem and not too untrusting of people. She won't listen to me- I hope she will hear your wisdom in her heart.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Thank you for asking me to help your daughter.  Whenever a request for help comes from love, angels are dispatched.  Even though you are her parent, you are not privy to the agreement she has with me for this lifetime.  In her agreement are many situations she has asked to face in order for her to gain eventual total understanding.

It can be difficult as one of the givers of life to step back and let go.  Believe me, I understand this.  The thing is that she has free will about how she will react to every situation she encounters. Also it is impossible for you to know how the events and decisions of her life will form her into the woman she will someday be.  The best thing you can do is choose to love her simply and completely, no matter what she chooses to do in her life, perhaps regardless of what her choices are.  Love given without restrictions is true love.  I'm right here whenever you turn to me."

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