Sunday, March 20, 2011

Anonymous said...

Why did you create Mankind ? I ask this because I don't understand why such a destructive small minded species has been able to carry on with hurting and killing one another for so long. Everything man creates is to destroy. Not just war. But, even its Technology destroy's their minds and social structure. Take away Electricity, Internet, Cell Phones, and Television from mankind now a days and they would not know how to survive. I've even seen people get suicidal over not having internet connection. I have seen people go through texting withdraw. Technology has become mankind's downfall. They rely too much on it and can not seem to function when with out it. It is no wonder why they are called sheep. Cause sheep are suppose to be the dumbest animal on the planet. Mankind takes the cake. If all of mankind was able to ban together without trying to be leader and dominate each other and fight over stupid things that don't mean anything. Then I think mankind could seriously advance beyond comprehension and there could be peace amongst them as long as no one starts to have that power trip and have that kind of ego. Mankind would probably be able to cure all the diseases on this planet. No one would starve. Mankind would also be able to explore further out into the universe. That is why I ask the question that I am asking because mankind will never change and their destruction is of their own doing. Mankind has destroyed this planet called Earth. Never have I seen such evil when I see all the horror that mankind does in the name God in the past and present. So why did you even create them in the first place ?

Answer from God through Carley:

"While I understand what you mean, when you judge mankind you do one of the things I asked you not to do; judge.  Yes, there is evil and stupidity and wars based upon a name given to me and even so, there is love, beauty, forgiveness and most importantly there remains hope. I believe fully in forward steps taken in love.  And whatever you choose to believe will be what you get, what you see, what your world is comprised of."

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