Tuesday, March 1, 2011

autemnrain said...

dear God, I want to know what do u want me to do? :(

do u want me to ignor what I want?

do u want me to wait and be hopefull and i will get my desire later?

or do u want me to be hopeful and i will get it soon?
Answer from God through Carley:

"I want you to follow your heart to fulfilling your dreams.  While it may seem from an outsider looking in, that some people have all the luck and get everything they want, that is never the case.  When people bring their hopes and dreams into their lives, it is because they have worked to do so.  Every dream worth having is worth working for. You are welcome to ask for my help in anything you seek that is based in love and will hurt no one, and please know that my help will come.  All you need to do to receive my help is to help yourself by taking steps toward what you want and to pay close attention to the little things that come your way that you might consider to be coincidences."

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