Saturday, March 12, 2011

chris r said...

Dear God

will my son ever be famous ?



Answer from God through Carley:

"If he keeps going the way he's been going, yes.  Every person has within them everything they need to fulfill their dreams, whatever those dreams are.  Fulfilling dreams doesn't require "luck", instead it requires the ability to understand exactly what's needed to bring those dreams to life and the drive to do what is required.

As an example, if your dream is to be an insurance salesperson, you need to go to school and acquire the education that is required to speak, write, become proficient in math and think in all the ways a good insurance salesperson does.  Then you find a company already in place that fits the goals you align with and work hard to get into their training program.  Once in the training program, understand what it is that the company is looking for in their trainees and make yourself into what is needed.  If all of those things are understood and then attended to, the dream is realized.  It takes much more than the desire to be famous to actually make that dream come true.  Planning and work must come first."

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