Friday, April 22, 2011

Anonymous said...

Dear God, my Lord I love you. I am struggling at the moment and am seeking your answers - I'm afraid - i am afraid of my family .. It sounds terrible and it is hard for me to know how to deal with this and live a happy life - i feel burdened - mum is alcoholic and brother has really bad anger issued and is drug affected - dad is alcoholic and emotionally abusive - they are angry at me for not wanting to have anything to do with them .. But I dont want anything to do with them because I get abused, and I feel uncomfortable being around them as they abuse each other as though it's 'normal'. I feel i am not protected from it any time I am around them .. They always get angry at me and
say I'm too sensitive.. Dear Lord, I don't do drugs or alcohol , im so unhappy from this and I am really begging for your guidance and protection .. Please help me .. I don't know what to do .. How can I keep them away ? Is that what I'm supposed to do? I feel conflicted inside because i want to feel love and I'm feeling really angry with them and you too that I am experiencing this , I'm afraid for my wellbeing - I know emotional stress is bad for health - I'm getting skin irritations and difficulty breathing now from this. I feel alone in this and I don't know why you are letting this happen.

Dear Lord please explain - please help me. I feel this is so unfair. I feel like you're just letting this happen and not intervening .. Do you want me to suffer ? I pray and surrender though it just keeps happening more .. Why areyou allowing this ? I don't understand and I'm crying because you're just leaving me ... What relationship am I meant to have with my family? What future do you see for me ? Thankyou for hearing me.
I love you, I'm your child x x x

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am not allowing this, your family allows it.  You however do not have to allow it.  You have free will just as they do.  You already know what you want to do.

Please seek and find groups that are already in place to help, teach and support you.  Make friends who will lift you up and support your choices.  Your family will always be your family, but you get to choose how much you are with them.   While it is up to you as to whether or not you tell them how their behavior makes you feel, it would be a waste to not use the gift of your voice to allow them a glimpse of how their actions affect you.  I am always right here to help you whenever you ask for it.  All you have to do is to follow your heart.  You are already more than enough."

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