Tuesday, April 5, 2011

J-LEE said...

Dear God,

I have always had faith in you and always felt close to you. Even when times get tough I always felt you were there. My girlfriend is a christian and I am a catholic and we often talk about or beliefs. I feel like her connection with you is stronger and I question if my faith isnt as strong as it should be. Can you please tell me why bad things happen? Seriously, I have come to terms with the fact that most bad things that happen are usually due to the fault of our own. But why does an innocent child get cancer? Or why do natural disaster which should bring people closer together really make things worse? Can you please help me understand because i pray everynight that someday my faith will be as strong as hers, but my questionable nature needs answers

Answer from God through Carley:

"You and I have been close a very long time.  If you'd like our connection to be even closer, asking this question is a great way to know me even better.  Please don't compare your faith to the faith of someone else.  To do so would be to compare flowers; all are beautiful but some smell better to you, or some make you feel happier than others.  They are still all flowers.

Now in order to answer your question as to why bad things happen, I'd like to remind you that all life has an agreement with me.  Each agreement is specific and made just for the individual for each specific life.  The purpose of every agreement is to enable eventual understanding of all things.  The way to gain total understanding is to experience everything.  Some need to experience things first-hand to gain the understanding.  Some can gain the understanding from watching another's experience and others learn from being involved in another's experience.  Along with your personal agreement with me, every other being also agrees to play their part in their own agreement as well as in their part of your experience.  As an example, you asked why children get cancer.  Let's say that person A has asked to know what it is to lose a child and I agree that that would be beneficial to their eventual total understanding.  Person B asks to know what it is to be loved deeply by their parents.  Person C asks to be a doctor who gains understanding from administering to children and their families.  You can appreciate how big the circles get.  Once an agreement is made, the situations in lives will come to pass, however how one chooses to deal with the situation is up to the free will of that individual.  The question I put to you is how will you view the situations in your life and in the lives of others differently now that you are reminded of your agreement, and how will you react to your future situations knowing that you experience all situations in order for you to understand all things?"

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