Wednesday, January 20, 2010

McKenzie said...

Okay, I love this girl more than anything (who is pregnant, by mistake from another guy)and would die for her. Recently i told her that I loved her (we arent dating at the moment) and she said it back, but she keeps flirting with my best friend. Im wondering... does she REALLY love me? Or is she just saying it. Me & her have broken up and gotten back together so manny times now that i dont know wat to beleive.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Please take a look at the list you made on paper or in your head about the perfect girl for you.  Look at all the qualities your perfect girl would have and please compare them to the qualities that this girl has.  There is someone I have in mind for you.  She's completely contented with all that you have to offer her, which is quite a lot indeed.  She speaks from her heart and you always know where she stands and where you stand with her.  She doesn't flirt with anyone but you, because you are the only man she sees.  Also, the question, "does she really love me" will never cross your mind with the girl I have planned for you.  If you're ready to meet the perfect girl for you, be out of the wrong relationship and come to me for help.  I'm with you every time you ask me to be."

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