Sunday, January 31, 2010

Adam said...

For 20 years I have been alone,isolated from the world,or at least felt like it.Then one day i found a girl,a girl that seemed would make all my problems go away and for once bring happiness into my life.I had talked to my friends and her's,they all said to stay away from her,that she was "dirty" so to speak,but shes the only one I've ever connected with,so I wanted to give it a try.At first she was honest with me,she admited to having problems.We talked,we became friends,and then lovers.But a few months down the road she completly dropped me,with no real question is..Did she ever really love me,or even care...did i do,always do something wrong?Or was it fake to begin with?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Happiness comes from within.  No one can make you happy just as it is impossible to make anyone else happy.  Please don't confuse moments of happiness with true inner happiness.  If you have been unhappy change that by making it a priority for finding and then dedicating time to what gives you true joy.

When seeking a love relationship, look for someone whose words match their actions.  Actions never lie.  Your friends tried to warn you about this girl but you chose to ignore the warnings of those that love you. A reputation of integrity is earned just as every other reputation is earned.  What you can take away from the relationship you had with this girl is that there is love out there for you.  Learn from this experience and allow it to prepare you for the relationship that is perfect for you.  If you have doubts, examine how a situation feels.  When you filter your questions through your heart, you filter them through me."

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