Monday, January 25, 2010

Anonymous said...

My husband's good friend of 45+ years was just arrested for child molestation. We are all stunned; nothing we have known of this man for all these years gave us any clue of this side of his life. It looks very much like he is guilty of the charges.

We don't want to abandon him, but don't know how to connect with him either. What can and should we do?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Every time you believe one thing and another thing proves itself to be true, it makes you question everything that you thought you knew.  The truth is that you cannot know everything about anything.  Only I can do that.  The thing to learn is to keep what you believe flexible and ever-changing.  Keep your mind and eyes wide open, ready to accept new information all the time. With this intent in mind little bits of information that come to you would less likely be ignored if the information doesn't fit the belief you have already established.

Regarding what you can and should do?  You could ask him if what he is accused of is true.  If he admits to you that it is true you can then explain to him how you feel about it and how you feel you should move forward.  If he says he is innocent, then you can choose to believe him or to not believe him.  Either way you owe it to everyone to let him know personally if at all possible, how you feel and how you will act moving forward.  Your voice is only one of your many blessings."

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