Friday, May 20, 2011

Anonymous said...

God sometimes I feel so lost. You know how I am always looking to you to find my way. I feel unlovable except by my husband and children. I understand I have freewill, but I don't seem to make smart decisons. I hope you know I try to be good-hearted. I want to raise my children to be more successful than I have been.I want them to better than me.

I know you know I have felt like you have forgotten me at times. I'm sorry I think that way sometimes.

Will I be able to fix our finances? I want to do better, I just don't know how. Would you help me get my life in order. Please.

Answer from God through Carley:

"When something isn't working try something new.  If you feel that you could make better decisions, find a different way of tackling them.

The best way and the shortest path to raise your children the way you want them to be, is to be their example of good.

And of course you can fix your finances.  The best way to get help is to ask for it.  It takes courage to admit that you have a problem, and courage to take the action advice when it comes to you.  Do it because you are lovable.  Do it because you want better for yourself and for your children.  Do it because you are a child of mine."

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