Friday, May 20, 2011

Anonymous said...

Why am I so emotional? How can I use this to lead a better life? Sometimes I feel too much. Do I need medicine? How can I feel your love? Do you ever talk to me through music? Sometimes it seems like you do. Is there anything I have done that would make you proud?

Answer from God through Carley:

"You are among those who have the ability to feel what another feels.  You are a like a sponge to the emotions of others, and not only to human emotions.  While you might see this as a curse, it is a gift and you asked to have it in this life.  A gift can only become a gift in your eyes too, when you learn how to use it.  I will send you teachers.  In order to recognize the teacher you must pay close attention and dismiss no one.

And yes, I do speak to you through music.  I speak to everyone, but not everyone hears me in the same way.  Some do not hear me at all.  I am heard when the decision is made to hear.

Every time you do something out of love, I am proud of you.  Every time you remember who you really are, I am proud of you.  Every time you do what you believe to be the right thing, especially when doing the right thing may cost you something, I am proud of you.  So you see, I am proud of you frequently.  Keep going.  And no, you don't need medicine.  I'm right here listening whenever you speak to me."

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