Saturday, June 25, 2011

Anonymous said...

God bless you, I am sad, depressed and worried. I am now jobless, it makes me sad when I am forced to leave the place I used to work. I am getting panic attacks, I feel I am worthless and useless, I feel sad, help me in brining God into my life, let God shine His light into my soul. God bless

Answer from God through Carley:

"You are not the money that you make.  You are not useless unless that is what you choose to be.  You are a beloved child of mine.  All you need to do is claim the light that is your birthright.  Ask your angels for protection in all you do that is based in love and move forward knowing that you cannot fall.  I will always catch you.  You will always be able to get what you need.

When you're ready to stop feeling sad, find something that gives you true joy.  It might take some seeking on your part, so ask me for help and then get out there to where you might find it.  You will never be alone unless you choose to be."

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