Monday, June 14, 2010

Amit said...

My Dear Lord,

First I want to let u know I love u very much and I am extremely grateful for the wonderful parents u gave me, my adorable wife, my younger brother and his wife, both of whom we love so much and who remind us of ur greatness each day. Lord, inspite of me suffering from more than 70% hearing loss, u gave me a good job and gave me position and respect among normal hearing people. Through advancements in science my hearing aids allow me to function almost normally in my job. Every moment in the office and among other people, I think of how u gave me a pain, but also help to tide over the pain.

Lord God, Iam sorry that I have acted extremely arrogant at times and do compare myself to other people who u have blessed with better positions and pay. My married life too is not doing well though I love my wife a lot and u know well what is wrong. I became impatient and tried my hand at businesses, which flopped and has left us in debt at least for the next year and a half. I dont go to church at all these days though I have a deep faith in u.

Lord the most important reason I am writing though is that you have given me the responsibility of delivering classroom training to the entire department for a month. Lord you know well that I cannot comprehend well when people speak to me from a distance or speak softly. Again, there are people whose speech is in such frequencies I just find it impossible to understand. Who better than you knows that for me there is no escaping from delivering this training.

Lord Iam not really concerned how humiliated I'd have to feel if my trainees find out my hearing is bad but rather that why should others and my company have to suffer because of me. Lord Iam eagerly waiting for your reply. Command to me Lord what should I do. Lord, your will be done

Love u Lord

Amit N

Answer from God through Carley:

"There isn't one among you without some defect.  Not one is perfect.  Some defects are obvious and some are not.  You need help hearing but you have so many really good qualities.  Why should your hearing loss be humiliating to you?  I accept you exactly as you are.  My wish is that you will too.

The best way to deal with a situation like this is to come forward and explain your hearing loss.  Help only comes when you ask for it.  Ask that you are spoken to in a tone you will most easily hear and ask for  patience if you do not hear.  Tell them that you will do your best - and then do it.  Have a sense of humor about it.  Allow others among you come forward with their defects and feel comfortable in your presence.  You are loved beyond all means of measure.  Why let a little hearing defect stand in the way of fulfilling your dreams?"

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