Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anonymous said...

dear god, why am i asking myself so many questions about an important person in my life,why so many doubts and confusion, why all these feelings of insecurity

thank you for your answer

Answer from God through Carley:

"You feel doubts, confusion and insecurity because there is something about this person and their treatment of you that is not in alignment with who you are, how you want to be treated and what you stand for.  When things don't feel right, they aren't.  Only you choose with whom you spend time and how you are treated by others.  The other person might have the actions and the words, but when you allow yourself to be in their company so that their words and actions are repeated, you are choosing to be subjected to them.  This is your life that you create.  Please make the choices that are in your best interests.  You are worthy of great love and happiness."

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