Monday, September 5, 2011

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

I quit my job of 20 yrs, 5 yrs ago, because at that time I became the person I'd always despised. I made very good money then, lost my house, and faith. I now am working as a Security Guard, making min wage, trying not to make the same stupid mistakes again. I am humbled and am grateful for still having a wonderful wife and kids. My problem now, is that I keep on dwelling on leaving my job, only for monetary/financial reasons. I know that my current job will not last, because I'm not cut out for this type of work. I pray everyday for my past sins and for all the blessings you have given me. I guess I need a bit of your wisdon right now, so that, I can get on with whatever it is I need to do to satisfy my purpose in life....

Answer from God through Carley:

"Your purpose, like everyone's purpose is to find your passion and spend time doing it as often as you possibly can so that you can lead a life filled with joy.  Most people find that the things that give them the most joy cost nothing or very little.

Let go of the past as you cannot change it.  Put your energy into making this moment and your future moments filed with laughter, love and joy for you and for your family and friends.  When you make these things a priority you will find that the things that you worry about will simply fade into the background of your life where your worries belong."

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