Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

Please listen carefully, because what I'm gonna ask are complicated. Just answer what you're pleased and considered as wise to answer.

A. Are you happy to be you? With all the eternal joy and beauty you have (correct me If I was wrong)? Have you ever been bored with the continuous joy you have?

B. Are you expecting me to love you just the way you are, so we can be one in eternity? Is it bearable in eternity? Do you know the answer? Or do I have to find it myself, just like the others are doing?

C.if you are complete stillness of mind (correct me if I'm wrong), how can you answer? Based on wisdom? And can you feel alive?

D. Do you create this material life just for fun or for the learning material for you, or both?

E. if I love myself only, do I love you?; if I love myself uncompletely to compensate it for my love to some others; am I quite cruel too you but at the same time love you?

F. is there a perfect love?

If there is, is there a perfect happiness in it?

G. Do people always have to balance their karma sheet before they're totally safe in your arms, or can it be whitened because they choose to be with you?

Sorry because it's so many. Like I said before, please just choose what you consider wise to answer.

Deep down, I know I love and need you. And sorry for all the things I've done.

Answer from God through Carley:

"You are exactly where you should be and because you ask these questions, and search for their answers, you will one day become wise and peaceful.  It is common for humans to assume that I have human emotions, but I do not; at least not the way you do.  When you ask if I'm happy, or if I could be bored, have a requirement that you love me, you assume I have human emotion. I did not create a material world, humans did that. I sincerely hope that you do not love only you.  There is love that is perfect for you. The point about Karma has been gravely misunderstood. If you live a loving life, you lead a better, easier, happier life. I accept all who seek me.  I am always listening when you speak to me.  Keep asking."

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