Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Anonymous said...

god, what you intend to do with this craziness of my head?

Some people said to just watch this life as cosmic motion, as an entertainment. But how can I if karma is there? What about the karma that my head keeps making each day?

It's a luck that in this life I have the chance to know the secret of you, maybe just in the slightest. But what if I reincarnate again, and what if I don't recognize you? Life would be more than a double pain if it happens.

So, what should I do? Go straight to you or just do a job where I can tame my greed and control my mind better?

But somewhere deep inside I know the excitement of business world is a part of my innermost dream, and also art. But I love to help people too, like becoming psychologist. And the first choice seems to make head more turbulent than the second. But overall I know all in this life is impermanent and be with you is the most peaceful one.

Do I have to learn the lessons you have for me? If I skip it and just go renunciate, silencing my mind, is it wise?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Each being has an agreement with me that they created between the last life and the next, where all emotion and ego are lost and only love and the mission to understand all things remains.  How differently would you view this life and its circumstances if you were to accept the fact that you experience what you do because you asked to?  Would you look at your circumstances as lessons and then try harder to learn from them?  Would you try to use what you learned to help others?

Many people find that from their life circumstances, come their career passions.  The raped become domestic violence counselors, police, lawyers, and psychologists.  Abused children become truly great parents, lawyers, child advocates, work in legal aid or as family psychologists.  Those who experienced lack in their early lives turn back to offer a hand up to others who are where they were.  Those who appear to have everything volunteer at homeless shelters, senior centers, become big sisters or brothers, help their neighbor mow or plow, rebuild or bring them a meal when they are sick.  These are the people who complete the agreements of this life.  Those who don't complete their agreements get as many chances as they need to do so.  

So you see, it's all up to you.  It's always been up to you.  I'm here, a loving parent who will always help when I'm asked to and who will be your most fervent admirer when you learn and your loving voice of encouragement when you have more to learn.  Ask for my help, take action and pay attention.  I am always listening when you speak to me."

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