Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Anonymous said...

I feel so lost. I grew up a Christian, and I am araid that I have lost my wat, I read a book "conversations with God, years ago. It struck a chord with me, because when I was going through a divorce, I had a similar experience. I really felt like God talked to me. I have never been the same! My brother who is the realist and most kind and loving person, along with his wife, is fighting pancreatic cancer. My whole family are Christian, and I think I should be too. But, I don't won't to be a hypocrit. I have asked God, Jesus to let me know, if I am lost! I just keep thinking that God is in everything and everywhere, no matter what your religion.I don't want to just believe in Christianity as the only way, because I am afraid not to, and maybe be insinsere, but I don't want to be lost and go to hell either.

I pray every day to God, to let me know the truth, and I am also very depressed.

I can't just say it if I am not sure I believe it. Please help

Answer from God through Carley:

"It can be very difficult to know something in your heart that goes against what you've been taught and what others that you love believe.  You are not lost.

I talk to everyone, but not everyone chooses to hear me.  You are exactly right; I am in all things.  There is no one right religion.  I wish to have a personal relationship with every being.  Whether we have a close personal relationship is up to each being.  I am always available to every being, and it doesn't matter to me what name I am called."

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