Sunday, January 1, 2012

Anonymous said...

2012 came and I have been very scared because according to the Mayan calender, the world will end. I am very scared, and I can not even imagine it. I can't imagine my family... dying. Will the world really end? Please help me. I'm scared. I believe in God, but some part of me is still very worried.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Do not be afraid.  Change is coming, more change than is usual, but change should not be feared.  Nothing alive is stagnant.  To be alive means to be constantly changing.  The earth is alive, the Universe is alive and so are all beings.  Relationships change, people move, beings are born and beings die.  Children grow up and parents grow old.  Fearing change is to squander your energy when you could be truly living in the moment you are in.  Nothing belongs to you.  Everything in your life is there on loan for a finite amount of time and taking anything for granted will lead you to feel grief when it's gone.  If the predictions of the Mayan calendar help you to understand impermanence, and cause you to act upon your sense that you shouldn't take anything for granted, then I am pleased."

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