Sunday, January 29, 2012

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

If I don't want to marry, because I'm more enchanted to spirituality, richness so that I can help people, and peace of mind. Is this a fault?

I found through numerology calculation that one of the plans for me in this lifetime is to get honored through wedding.

What's your suggestion?

And God, please lead me to your will. Don't let me be strayed.

Sincerely yours,


Answer from God through Carley:

"You are to choose what you want in life.  If you don't want to marry than that is your choice. There is no fault in what you want or do not want.  There are many ways to be honored through wedding; you could be a member of a wedding party, an officiant, a planner, a chef.  My will is to watch you live the life of your dreams.  My will is that you find passion in life and follow that.  And as for straying or not, that too is up to you.  When you want me to be, I will be as close to you as the beating of your heart."

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