Sunday, February 12, 2012

Amywho said...

Dear God,

About 7 months ago I went to the movies with my friend and there was a boy my age working there. As soon as I saw him I got this amazing feeling and we had a great conversation. After that weeks went by and I would go to the movies to see him but he was never there. I finally forgot about it.

About two weeks ago I went to the movies and he was there. I was so surprised to see him and we once again talked and laughed and then I left.. I was too scared to ask him to hang out. I've gone back a few times but he's never there even though it's the same time and day that I first saw him. It makes me so sad and I wish I could see him again. What should I do? What is happening to me?

Answer from God through Carley:

"You were given a voice and free will.  You can choose to use your voice, or you can choose to not use it.  I would like to stress that whether or not you use your voice is your choice.

Do you remember asking me for someone special in your life?  Every time you ask for something that is based in love, the answer will always be yes.  Due to free will however, the answer might not always be yes immediately.  Whenever you get as you so perfectly stated, "this amazing feeling" you may choose to go with it, or to go against it.

If you have regrets about something you didn't do or say, you could decide to make different choices moving forward.  If you get an amazing feeling when talking with someone, it is never only happening to you; the other person is feeling it too.  You can give your free will to another and hope that the other person will mention the amazing feeling or ask for more of you on another day and time, or you can choose to use your free will and ask for more, yourself.  Only you can decide what you are willing to do.  And if you ask me again for someone special in your life my answer will again be yes."

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