Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Anonymous said...

God, you're so mysterious. Every thing seems mysterious. Like, why we are here, what do we search for, what is happiness, what do we love, will we get bored of mere happiness, is black and white is more fun than mere white, are you that perfect, or eeven you don't know the answer, is fun our purpose living here, should we play safe, or should we play wild, what is our destination, could the dark be ended, is it forever?, you don't wan to stop it? do you like pain? is it necessary to feel alive, what is kindness, what is evil, what is passion, what is self denying, what is good, what is bad, what is the best harbor? is passionless delightfull, or is it a total deadness feeling? what what what why how trust myself or not?

Or, I think I must find out myself. That seems to be your game.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I'm pleased that you are so aware of your existence here. To have so many questions means that you're paying attention. I am really not that mysterious and I'd like to address that. I am a loving creator that is here to help you every time you ask for help. I am only half of your equation though. I can help things align for you, ask those who have agreed to help be in the place of helping, but it is you who needs to take the action required.

Your purpose in life is to find what gives you true joy, and then dedicate time to that joy. Everyone has a different set of things that give them joy. Each being is like a snowflake in that they all have many things in common, but also many things are different. Your singular constant is that each being is composed of a bit of me. Nothing pleases me more than hearing sincere gratitude for the things that joy brings.

As for light and dark, both exist and both are choices to be made. It is not complicated, it's easy. Along with the gift of free will comes your ability to choose what you want, how you'll get it, and which steps to take next. I'm a thought away whenever you seek me."

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