Thursday, February 9, 2012

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

Why are all your followers idiots?
Answer from God through Carley:

"It does seem sometimes that the most vocal of my supporters don't know me very well.  The ones who understand me best are often quiet and teach love and acceptance by the way that they lead their lives and not by thinking their way is the only way.  You come to know me in the quiet times, in the times where you seek me and invite me in.  Your peace comes in knowing that I love all beings equally as my own children, and that none are better or more loved than another.  You come to understand creation in the smallest of beautiful things, and they are beautiful because you take the time to notice them.  You grow as my child when you notice those who have come to feel as though they are un-noticable, unworthy and unlovable. Your smile is my smile.  Your joy is my joy.  You are all worthy of all the love that I have to pour down upon you, and you are all worthy of the joy you find for yourselves and that you bring to others."

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