Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Anonymous said...

My Dearest, at times I hear a voice screaming in my ear at night. No words - just screams. Is this someone who needs my help? Or are "they" trying to frighten me again? As always, thank you for your guidance and love.

Answer from God through Carley:

"There is a little part of you that has broken away from the whole part of you.  This can happen as a result of a trauma and if you think back far enough you may remember when it happened. I'd like you to hold my hand and then go back in time in your thoughts to the event where you became broken.  Together we can heal you, but you must allow yourself to become whole again.  You must allow the healing to take place.  There is nothing that cannot be healed.  Often when forgiveness is withheld, even from yourself you become the only thing standing between broken and whole.  Yes, someone needs your help.  You are the one who needs help and the screaming will stop when you allow it.  I'm ready when you are.  I'd like you to be whole again."

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