Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Anonymous said...

You have said that you will not decide what is right for us, I get that, it makes sense. But, why when I clearly don't have a clue what direction to go in that will make me happy, or lead me in a productive direction, and I ask you for help, why won't you at least show me something.I know you love me, but it baffles me why you won't at least show me choices that may be helpful and allow me to make the decision. Does this mean you won't protect me or my children if we beg you for protection? That scares me!

Answer from God through Carley:

"Indeed, I do love you.  I also answer every prayer that is based in love.  You choose whether or not you realize the things that I bring to you.  When you expect specific things and don't see them, you can more easily miss the things that you aren't expecting.  To realize the answers to your prayers, I recommend an open mind that will allow your specific things or something even better to come to you.  Of course, it's always been completely up to you."

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