Friday, March 16, 2012

Anonymous said...


I feel lost, alone, frightened, confused, heartbroken, tired of everything. I was in an abusive marriage, lost my 6 children in court because i had no job at the time, finally divorced, my x-husband left me with nothing, he made sure of that. Out of all that mess, i met my soulmate online. I need to know if my soulmate and i will be married,, if i may get my loan for $3,000 from you God so i may go to my soulmate. I would gratefully and gladly pay it back with interest, for in your name, i plan on starting a successful business. Please help me God, im at the last end of my rope. I need advice, an answer, i sign, anything. I am desperate for some sign that you are going to help me..

Answer from God through Carley:

"It is never wise to choose to give away your free will.  You are the only one who controls you, your actions and reactions.  You have a wonderful opportunity to begin again.  You are in complete control.  Take a look around you and instead of seeing what is missing, choose instead to see what you have.  Be grateful.  Instead of asking for money, make money.  Every person has special and unique talents.  Realize your special gifts.  Be creative.  Be honest.  Be able to look in the mirror and like who looks back at you.  Your children need the best in you.  Be their mother.  Stand tall, admit your mistakes and choose to never make the same mistakes again.  There is no way to be made happy.  Happiness is a state of being that comes from the seed of your soul.  Happiness has nothing to do with how much money you have or how many things you possess.  Choose to be happy.  Sing.  Laugh.  Love.  Become the person you have always had the ability to be.  You control everything in your life.  I will always help you in everything you ask of me that comes from a place of love.  I am your partner.  I will help you brings things and people together, but it is you who must move toward what you seek."

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