Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Anonymous said...

My Lord, My God,
I have lost my first born elderson7 months back and finding life very difficult and painful.  By your grace I have another son who makes life bearable at times.  Lord, I need the strength and courage to live life as I am losing it.  Can you possibly help me in coming back to u as I no longer have it in me to live.  Please God, Ease my pain...please.
How can i lessen my pain

 Answer from God through Carley:

"You are only alone in the moments you choose to be. When you are truly ready to release the grief you feel, find a silent space and time and ask me to take it from you.  Until then, I ask you to find the things in your life for which you are grateful.  Write each thing down.  Keep your list close by and refer to it often.  These things can be memories, scents, images, and sounds.  The things for which you are grateful can also be possessions, jokes, when others reach out to you, and how you feel when you reach out to others.

I ask you to work through your grief and to do so in a physical as well as thoughtful way.  What have you learned?  How would you help another going through the loss of a child?  Do not keep your grief inside you but instead allow others to love you and allow them to help.  It only takes a decision to keep moving to move through any situation.

My grace is available to all who seek it.  You are a beautiful, loving and beloved child of mine.  I hold you in my arms to comfort you and to help you regain the strength to continue loving and living."

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