Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Anonymous said...

God, can i ask a simple favor? I just want you to say I LOVE YOU to my dad. He's passed away a long time ago but I haven't had the chance to tell him this. Tell him that I miss him so much and I'd give anything just to be with him just for an hour. I just want to see my family together once again, as a whole,as we go to church. I love him so much. I know it's not a question, but can you do it for me nonetheless.
(I know its not possible but comforting words are what all I'm asking in this time of difficulties, thanks Carley).

 Answer from God through Carley:

 "I did, and thank you for asking this lovely question.  You can talk to anyone who is no longer in body the way you knew them, any time you want to.  You can say your words out loud or in thought, or any type of print and the message is always received.  Bodies die, love never does.  The essence of who your dad was is alive and well and around you every time you ask him to be.  Remember that you are only alone when you choose to be."

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