Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sasha said...

Dear God,

God.. You led me to an amazing man. Or boy I should say. He wants to be a marine. God.. God you know how much I pray for his safety. God you know.. You know that I dont want to lose him. God I'm so scared because he denies You. I believe- there's not a doubt. I fear for him.. I don't want the person I love to perish tomorrow in a freak death, and he is not saved.. Because he does not trust in you.

God what am I to do?

Please God.. I know there must be something you can do, or say to me.

Answer from God through Carley:

"You know his heart and so do I and we both love him.  Regardless of what you have read or what you have been taught, I will never deny any of my creations. Heaven is your birthright. Each of you is my precious child and I have given each of you choices.  Your choices define the quality of your life. His choices are not yours to make, nor are they mine.  When you love him you love him for who he choses to be in this moment.  True love comes with no conditions.  This is how each of you are loved by me."

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